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Biotika |

ISSN 2410-9290 (Online)
Interdisciplinary journal published since December 1, 2014.

ISSUE 1(8), February 2016

Table of Content

Chernoivanov V.I., Tolokonnikov G.K.

  • Agricultural plants as a composite part of agrarian biomastic systems; pp. 3-8
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Yafarov S.F., Zerkalov I.A., Gaitov M.Y., Mikhaleva S.N., Senigovech M.E.

  • Phytosanitary state of potato plants in the Orenburg region; pp. 9-13
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Toropova E.Y., Kazakova O.A., Kamenev V.P.

  • Phytosanitary performance of pork seeds and effectiveness of crops in the forest-steppe of Western Siberia; pp. 14-19
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Taranda N.I., Duduk A.A., Tarasenko P.L.

  • Influence of fertilizer and basic processing soil on its biological activity and crop rotation productivity; pp. 20-24
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Glinushkin A.P., Nesvat A.P., Ragulin V.S., Senigovech M.E., Sudarenkov G.V., Taranda N.I., Duskaev G.K., Kartabaeva B.B., Mikhaleva S.N., Umnov A.M.

  • Influence of different norms of TMTD-plus on productivity and quality of pumpkin Voljskaya Seraya’s fruits on example of the Orenburg region; pp. 25-29
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Avdeev Y.M., Glinushkin A.P., Mashenkov A.M., Podkovyrov I.Y., Senigovech M.E., Hamitova S.M., Taranda N.I., Mashenkov M.I., Umnov A.M., Kartabaeva B.B., Molnar Y., Startsev V.I., Sokolov M.S.

  • To the questions of using gmo in the cultivation of resistant and highly productive tree plantations; pp. 30-36
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Davydova T.I., Davydov V.V., Glinushkin A.P., Andreev S.N., Rud` V.Y.

  • About need of statistical models for environmental monitoring of agricultural lands in the express mode using nuclear magnetic spectroscopy; pp. 37-44
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Laishevtcev A.I.

  • Actualization of principles and methods of laboratory diagnostics of pasteurelloses of farm animals and birds; pp. 44-49
  • Full-text in PDF: download

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